ISO 10002:2014

ISO 10002:2014

What is ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction. Complaints Handling?

This International Standard provides guidance for the design and implementation of an effective and efficient complaints-handling process for all types of commercial or non-commercial activities, including those related to electronic commerce. It is intended to benefit an organization and its customers, complainants, and other interested parties.

What are the benefits of ISO 10002?

  1. Achieve operational efficiency to identify trends and causes of complaints.
  2. Resolve more complaints by adopting a more customer-focused approach.
  3. Engage staff with new customer service training opportunities.
  4. Integrate ISO 10002 with ISO 9001 to improve overall efficiency.
  5. Monitor and continually improve your complaints handling process.

How Can Blue Ocean Consulting Help you?

  1. Conducting Gap Analysis.
  2. Awareness Training of the system
  3. Prepare Policies and Procedures Manual.
  4. Implementation Support
  5. Assess (Internal Audit Schedule & Reports)
  6. Prepare Corrective Actions Plan
  7. Manage Management Review Minute of Meeting
  8. Prepare Improvement Action Plan.
  9. External Audit Support