Customers Services Excellence

Customers Services Excellence

Blue Ocean Consulting has worked closely with government entities with Global Star Rating System for services. The Star Rating standards reflect the highest levels of service and facility measurement in the industry worldwide. It focuseson having an excellent customers experience throughout the customer journey that might include different government entities. BOC supports governments and semi-government entities and organizations to implement international customers service systems, that align with the adopted systems in the United Arab Emirates, aiming to bring about a quantum leap in the efficiency of government services as per global standards.

Our services forCustomers Services Excellence:

  1. Customer Services Assessment.
  2. Feedback Reports.
  3. Improvement Plans
  4. Customer Services Performance Management Measurements.
  5. Customer Services Manual.
  6. Documentation Framework
  7. Service Capacity Analysis 
  8. Customer Charter
  9. Customers Identification and Segmentation.
  10. Front-line Employees Awareness

What are the Benefits of Customers Services Excellence:

  1. An innovative way to market your success
  2. Improve customer loyalty and satisfaction
  3. Improve employee loyalty and satisfaction
  4. Understanding where are you standing and where are you heading
  5. Systematic development of services (What can’t be measured, can’t be managed)
  6. Increase transparency and accountability and show case result
  7. Gain competitive advantage
  8. Build and strengthen partnerships within government and with community partners
  9. Implementing solutions based on findings